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Saturday, December 17, 2005

NEWS: Starbucks Challenge 3.0 Awards!

After reading through 193 participating blogs, with 258 challenges taken in 14 countries (welcome, Japan!), 29 states and Washington DC, City Hippy and green LA girl have picked a winner for Starbucks Challenge 3.0.

faboo of faboo mama, whose threat that "If I lose, I'll be so depressed that I won't post any more pictures of my children and none of you will be able to see them until they graduate from college," really galvanized her readers into clicking over and signing on the letter to Starbucks! She also took it upon herself to visit 4+ stores AND to get some inside scoop from her friends who work at Starbucks. Thanks faboo!

Award: A 12 oz bag of Monkey & Son fair trade organic coffee.

What did YOU help accomplish through the Starbucks Challenge?
Starbucks has promised to respond to the questions in our letter about how the mermaid plans to fix its "break down in customer service." We should have answers before xmas.

We also met with Starbucks managers in the Los Angeles area, who said we can expect challengers to be able to get fair trade certified coffee at all LA-area stores within 3 months -- although challengers may have to push to get their cup. The managers also said that within 9 months, it should get easier for challengers -- By that point, challengers should be immediately offered a cup of French-pressed Cafe Estima when they ask for a fair trade coffee. The managers said they're optimistic that the same will happen across the US.

The challenge will take a lil break over the holidays, but will be back full force the first week of January! Stay tuned -- And if you find yourself at a Starbucks between now and then, always ask for fair trade coffee :)

Have a fair trade day :)

City Hippy and green LA girl

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At 7:57 PM, Blogger Deb said...

I was in the San Diego airport recently. After I passed thru security and got to my gate, I saw a Starbucks, and ordered a cup of Fair Trade.

It was immediately obvious the guy didn't have a clue about my request. I repeated myself a couple of times and tried to explain. Finally, ignoring my request altogether, the employee impatiently asked "Do you want mild, medium or strong?"

At 7:58 PM, Blogger Deb said...

Congrats to Faboo Mama. Good job!


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