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Monday, March 14, 2005

NEWS: Fairtrade for all

Well Fairtrade Fortnight finally came to a close yesterday.

The media seemed to focus more on the issues this time round, which is good. Not good enough though.

Saw nothing about Fairtrade on TV though - did you spot something we missed? - Let us know.

I think a good goal for next year's Fairtrade Fortnight campaign would be to get some prime time TV coverage of the issues perhaps similar to the way some of the daily newspapers did.

Only one supermarket seemed to make any attempt to promote Fairtrade Fortnight. And we visited Tesco, Waitrose and Sainsburys so we gave the main ones a fair shot.

We will be shopping at Waitrose as much as possible from now on and encourage you to do the same.

They have a good fairtrade selection, more than most it seems. Tell them you have turned into regulars at their stores because of their committment to fair trade and organics and that you want to see even more.

Well done Waitrose!

We know, we know, they can be a tad pricey but they have budget selections and to be honest whats an extra tenner a week to make the world a better place. Budget often means poor quality and dodgy suppliers. Personally if we can help make the world a better place by spending our cash on green and fair / local / family run produce then that is a good start and we encourage all to follow that lead.

Plus we found organic honey at 10p less than the same brand regular honey. And Fairtrade tea is now cheaper than regular tea. Hurrah! So I guess the more we buy the lower prices will go.

No Waitrose near you? Can you suggest a local alternative? What about the Co-op I hear you yell. Well we love the Co-op and will be finding one near us soon. Ultimately of course shopping at our local Co-op will be the aim. Will keep you posted on that.

Wahoo Waitrose!


At 1:38 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Indeed, FAIRtrade products and the idea of FAIRtrade needs way more attention!

Good site you have here!


Truth Seeker

At 2:17 PM, Blogger City Hippy said...

Hi Truth Seeker

thanks for your comments...fair trade is such a positive movement and it is growing so fast...we will be doing more on it over the next few months.

Glad you like the site


City Hippy


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