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Monday, October 03, 2005

NEWS: Last dose of Poyzer

Well I think the next episode of No Waste Like Home, on this Thursday, is the last in the current series...ahhhh!

How we will miss it. Of course you can always email us a question to ask Penney in our upcoming interview with her. Questions must be submitted by Tuesday 9am get emailing. Response so far has been great...loads of great questions...very excited.

The episode last Thursday was another good one...the people she attempts to green seem to be getting tougher as she goes on. God knows who the next show will be!

The thoughts we came away with were that it would be interesting to work out how much water & electricity we use and how much food we throw away in real terms...any ideas on how we can do this?

In last thursday's episode Penny told a family how much food they wasted but it only hit home when she filled a table with their weeks food and then showed how much they waste by tipping it on the floor. They got the point. She showed them how much electricity they used by lighting a stadium and showed them how much water they use by piling loads of water cooler bottles on their driveway to make the point.

We also really liked the fact that she got them to live without power for a night. Blew their minds but was easily done.

Our friend at Bahlogblog has proposed the idea of an energy vacation i.e. use no lights and heat for a night or two etc. Worth reading his post. We intend to do this soon...certainly before baby lands late November. Will report back after.

It seems that by switching off you find yourself in a new world...a world where your family and other people live...instead of just taking up space...a world where interaction and community is the norm, not solitude and isolation.

Interestingly enough on the London Underground and on UK TV there are some great ads at the moment by Orange, the mobile network.

Astonishingly the Tube ad gives reasons to switch your phone on AND reasons to switch your phone off. Wish I had the text for you.

Likewise the TV ad shows a guy walking through New York City during a blackout and ends with the phrase: "Sometimes it is better to just switch it off".

Superb ads. Very brave. Kinda reminds me of the Dudley Moore film, Crazy People, where as a reformed ad exec he gets successful by telling the truth...classic line involving Volvo's being boxy but safe.

Will do final review of No Waste Like Home on Thursday night...if you can then make sure you catch the show. If not...check the site Thursday night onwards for our final review of the series.



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At 6:19 PM, Blogger marigolds2 said...

Well, I'm sure all my questions have been posed already - I just want to make sure you tell her we want her to move heaven and earth to get on American TV, very soon.


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