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Thursday, December 29, 2005

NEWS: Our reply to Starbucks

Just wanted to flag up the next installment of the Starbucks Challenge conversation.

Starbucks have accepted that they are not perfect and that their policies are not translating into reality as much as they could and should.

Starbucks claim that they are determined to engage and improve. We believe in that determination and are seeing some signs of positive movement within the company. We will continue to encourage people to perform challenges so measure the effect. Keep on challenging!

We believe that Starbucks needs clearer internal communication between management and baristas about the differences between Fairtrade and their own in-house Fairly Traded certification. Too much confusion on this issue.

We also believe that if people do not know they can get Fairtrade coffee in Starbucks then how will they know to ask for it? And ultimately how will Starbucks judge consumer demand accurately?

If Starbucks want to supply more Fairtrade coffee only when they see demand rise, as previously stated by them, then in order to accurately assess consumer demand for Fairtrade coffee they need to promote it at least as actively as regular blends in their stores.

What I still find odd is why would Starbucks NOT want to sing about their Fairtrade credentials? Beats me.

Starbucks are not perfect (is any company?) but I believe that condemnation does not a reformed soul make. For now ;)

Talking with them seems to be working and so we will continue to talk with them. Stick with it folks! And keep up the challenges!

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At 4:39 PM, Blogger Maya said...

Hi City Hippy, I've been a supporter of Starbucks Challenge for the last 2 months. I 'met' Siel from links of links I searched then. I've been reading her blog since and I 'found' you there too. I have not written comments before here but it doesn't mean I haven't read your blog. I admire your focus and principles towards Green and Fair Trade. I want to thank you for working along with Siel for Starbucks Challenge. I wish you good luck too in this new year 2006. Congrats and good job for everything so far...I admire you and many other people I 'met' in the blogsphere...Incredible how small our world is :-) Like you said always: Namaste, cheers from France


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