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Friday, April 07, 2006

NEWS: The CityHippy Week

Ladies & Gentleman, it's Friday night! Welcome to...

The CityHippy Week!

Ah another week draws to a close and so much has crossed my path. The key thing I want to mention this week is the news (seen in London Metro) of a sort of tribal timeshare (although not the dodgy type) for those seeking eco-bliss. Tribe Wanted looks like a lot of fun and is being assisted by the folks from Climate Care to ensure eco impact is kept to a minimum. There are three levels (you pay more and get more time on the island basically) at which you can join: Nomad, Hunter or Warrior.

Question is who on earth would want to leave having been out there for a holiday? They would have to drag me out to sea and abandon me to get rid of me. Obviously they will have to ensure they respect the environment of the island and ensure they co-exist instead of take over. Looks promising though. Best bit looks like the tribal names everyone gets.

What else caught my little green eye?
An amazing feat of energy efficiency has been achieved. The Fuel Challenge saw a couple travel around the world on only 24 tanks of petrol/gas. Sponsored by Shell & Guiness (a gas company that wants you to use less gas? and a booze maker that should not really have anything to do with driving, hmmm) on closer inspection one sees that they got 52.3 miles per US gallon. Not much less than a Prius. Impressive.

Scary proof that pollution really does kill or rather removes eight months off your life span. Despite all the naysayers the evidence is crystal clear. Tampering with our environment is arrogant and suicidal. To think we can solve the problem with more tampering is simply nuts. As Einstein said: you cannot solve a problem using the same mindset that created it. Personally my dealings with those who do not care about climate change tend to confirm that they are either blind, profiting directly or are Darwinists of the worst kind. Seems just living is enough to kill you these days. Reminds of a great Picard line in a Star Trek movie: Time is the fire in which WE burn. Smoke anyone?

Water load of madness and Janet Street-Porter of the Independent wrote a great piece (sadly now locked) about the insanity of government in/activity on the water shortages we are having here in the UK. Man summer is gonna get heavy. I predict water rationing in the streets if we have a hot summer. Janet makes the point that we should have been conserving water across the board as soon as we knew a shortage was on the cards. But Ceasar we not only fiddled while Rome burned we filled the bloody hot-tubs and popped the champagne as well. Sheesh!

Whilst I love the Independent I also love the Guardian (although the weird size prevents me from buying it much to be honest) and their article this week reminding us exactly how the Fast Food industry is contributing to the destruction of the World's Rainforests makes me proud to be a Brit. Sadly when the McLibel Two made the 'Why is it wrong for McDonald's to destroy rainforests?' claim back in the 90s they did not have this kind of journalism to back them up. Just more argument pushing me towards the meatless me. More on that soon. And if you want more on just how much of the worlds problems can be traced back to the Fast Food industry then check out McLibel.

Sainsbury's launched a new Organic range last year called SO Organic. However, So Organic is already a brand in use by So Organic who sell everything but food. Apparently the owner of So Organic contacted Sainsbury's when she heard they were going to use the name and unsurprisingly Sainsbury's refused to reconsider. So Organic have said that they have plans to sell food products which will place the two companies at direct odds with each other. This could get heated folks. Of course it is unreasonable for any small company to expect any large company to care but in this case I do think So Organic has a point. Sainsbury's should have done their research and as far as I can tell So Organic have a great case against Sainsbury's although whether they can afford it or not will be the clincher. One to watch for sure.

…and that's the way it is folks!



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