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Friday, May 05, 2006

SPECIAL: CityHippy Local

I recently announced the appointment of a Deputy Editor and I am now going to take the blog a step further.

Each UK city has a different green story to tell and often more than one. I have therefore decided to open up CityHippy to include writers from other cities here in the UK. The more perspectives the better of course.

What you will get from a city editor is mostly their story of being green in that city. They will of course continue to cover stuff from outside their home city and even outside of the UK as we have always done.

CityHippy previously announced Becky as the Deputy Editor but she now becomes the site's first city editor offering her green story from a London perspective. She originates from up north and is often seen wandering in that direction so will no doubt regale us with various non-London tales.

I will continue to post my London (where I work) and Letchworth Garden City (where I live) perspective.

I am also delighted to announce the appointment of our first Swansea editor. Ella Rabaiotti, previously Editor at, has decided to make a home here at CityHippy and we are delighted and flattered by her enthusiasm. Ella now also has her own blog over at OrganicJac where she will cross-post her CityHippy stuff and other interesting material.

To write for your city please do get in touch by email here.

So without further ado here is Ella's first post - she will very shortly be posting live to the site under her own name.

REVIEW: It's Not Easy Being Green

Voted by viewers as a 'masterpiece', BBC 2 follows the Strawbridge's attempt to live a modern lifestyle and be self sufficient for energy and food. They seem to be doing pretty well, in contrast to the programme title - Its Not Easy Being Green. During the first four episodes of INEBG (reviewed at Hippyshopper), we have seen various projects to help them in their green endeavour - a permaculture veg plot, a greenhouse with a difference, a solar shower, a water wheel to power lights, a heat exchange system and home made biodiesel. This week was just as productive........

Charlotte and James Strawbridge had left the farm and were trying out their new green ways at university. Charlotte and her first year colleagues were embracing recycling - even if it took a while for the smelly pile of food packaging to reach the recycling bins outside. James was following his mother's footsteps by planting herbs and composting at his student digs. He commented that students should be green because they have "plenty of spare time"! Meanwhile back at the farm, Brigit was dressed in a woolly jumpers and a scarf inside their house, despite the installation of the heat recovery system. Brigit pointed out that the 300 year old farmhouse was draughty; doors and windows were in need of repair. The family tried to improve the situation in the attic (which with all the silver tubing and recycled denim insulation looked like some sort of 'spaceship', according to James); the pipes were insulated to maximise the heat retention.

As usual it was Dick who got stuck into the most exciting project on the farm. He wanted the family to come off mains water altogether. Not content with using the water wheel for electricity, Dick wanted to use a simple wind turbine (which he bought "cheap off the internet") to pump spring water into a tank in the loft for use around the home. Despite the initial lack of wind, the invention was another success for Dick. Not only are the family now utilising underground water, which would have otherwise been wasted, but they are also saving piles of money too.

Next week expect family conflict in the Strawbridge household, as the pigs are due for slaughter. Dick had earlier named them 'Christmas' and 'New Year' and he obviously wasn't joking.

The Strawbridge's have now set up a dedicated site, full of links and programme making information. Find out which products they used, from the wind turbine to the heat exchange system, or even read about Brigit's favourite natural beauty products. For those who are really keen to follow in Dick's footsteps, sign up for their courses, including a lesson in biodiesel making!

It's Not Easy Being Green is shown on Tuesday's at 8.30pm BBC2


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At 8:15 AM, Blogger Ella Rabaiotti said...

Thanks for the great intro Al - its great to be on board. You may have noticed that my first post is about a farm in Cornwall, not exactly Wales! I'm planning plenty of Welsh related posts for the coming weeks but I'm not adverse to what's going on in the rest of the country/world either.


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