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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

WEEKLY Q: Why are we NOT green?

Time for the weekly question.

Why are we NOT green?
I mean why are we not naturally sustainable? Are we unique or are other inhabitants of planet earth like us when it comes to consumption, relatively speaking? Is it conditioning that turns us naturally away from nature or it is something innate?

Do we need species therapy? If so then how do we go about it and is there a couch big enough for us all to fit on?

My thoughts are that humans were actually not very successful in nature and so we tried to domesticate nature as opposed to naturalise ourselves.

We had one massive thing going for us though and logically that is the one element we have developed perhaps further than any other species because we could I guess.

Our intelligence.

Now do not get me wrong...I am not saying we are wiser than other animals. Whose to say. But clearly our intelligence and ingenuity is what has ensured our growth and survival thus far.

Can we make the collective intelligent leap to sustainability? Why is sustainability not innate in and of itself?

Look forward to your thoughts.



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