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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

NEWS: Starbucks Challenge: No Organic Milk

Wandered over to the Starbucks across the road from where I work yesterday (123A Kings Road, London, England SW3 4PL, United Kingdom - store 10731) to order a cup of Fairtrade (which they had brewing - hurrah) and asked if they had organic milk for my coffee as per my Monday post.

The barista did not understand (?) and offered me Soya milk instead. When I said no thanks I mean Organic she said something in a foreign language, shook her head and smiled.

Despite the obvious language concerns there in terms of effective customer service capabilities in an English shop I do not think Starbucks offer organic milk and I have certainly noticed it in the past anyway. And that is sooooo the kind of thing I would have noticed.

But a source at DEFRA's Food & Drink (Milk & Milk Products) Division (amazed they have one to be honest) confirmed that rBGH is not allowed in EU production. So any non-Organic milk in the EU is pus free! Hurrah! and phew!



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At 6:29 PM, Blogger Julaybib said...

Personally, I wouldn't step foot in a Starbucks if you propelled me through the door with a grenade launcher! ;-) For reasons why, see Paul Kingsnorth's One No, Many Yeses.


The Muslim Anarchist


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