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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

NEWS: Va va shhhhhh!

It's green, it's clean and it's, er, too quiet is a very interesting piece in today's Guardian about a fantastic new development in the alternative transport scene.

Finally someone has produced a vehicle, a motorbike in this case, that uses hydrogen fuel cell technology to power itself. It's waste product is pure drinkable water. Fantastic!

One may be so quiet that it may be dangerous to ride. So they are going to give it a fake sound.

Perhaps the most revolutionary day in green transport in modern times and all the media focus on is the lack of noise. People would have to pay more attention on the roads. Vehicles would not add to noise pollution. Vehicles would produce pure water when you used them. Where do we sign up?

When are they making a car version? That's what we want to know!!!

We have emailed Intelligent Energy, the bike's manufacturers, to find out...will keep you posted.


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