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Friday, July 29, 2005

RANT: I'm with Albert!

Now don't get me wrong...I really appreciate and applaud the fact that Dubya finally accepts that there is a Climate Change problem. Maybe it was the Tornadoes in Birmingham, UK that shook him out of his oil-soaked slumber or was it the unheard of snowfall in Somalia that finally did it? Who knows.

His plan seems to hinge on slowing climate change not by reducing emissions, because emissions will continue to rise regardless due to our unassailable lifestyle, but by producing energy more cleanly in the first place. It all revolves around making the energy business more efficient around the world.

Sounds like a business opportunity to me.

We saw this with recycling. Recycle more and use less resources we were told. But the reality is that whilst we recycle more than ever before we also use more resources than ever before and still the Amazon rainforest shrinks!

Dubya is going to get very green all of a sudden and start evangelising that we need to do something about the climate change issue. He will claim that he has always cared about the issue but that the science was never quite right. He will ask many to support his new plan to reduce emissions by making the energy business more efficient. The oil lobby will jump right in behind him. A bad omen if ever there was one. He will say you are either with him or against him, naturally!

But don't be misled. As long as we stay addicted to oil the world is going to have more problems than it can handle and I don't just mean pollution and war (peak oil, plastics impacting on human chemistry etc).

As Einstein said: You can't solve problems with the same mindset that created them.

The only thing that Dubya cares about is staying at the top of the tree...which is the best place to be when the water levels rise.

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