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Monday, October 24, 2005

NEWS: Life in 2020 - You choose!

- Strict rationing - similar to post-war rationing of food supplies, our energy use could be heavily rationed, with dedicated time-slots allocated to households to carry out tasks requiring energy use to avoid any wastage

- Harsh punitive measures - areas in cities and suburbs where energy usage reach critical levels could see stringently forced energy laws and waste directives imposed. Energy Police with the power to issue penalties and fines for excessive energy consumption could be born.

- Personal power stations - our homes could become mini power stations as we turn to renewable energy sources. By 2020, experts predict that it could be common place to source energy in our own homes with excess energy sold back to the national grid, providing an additional income source for green households

- Prefabulous - Prefabricated homes built offsite using recycled bricks and wood and insulated with sheep's wool and reconstituted paper will become the norm. We will be able to design our homes online and have them delivered and assembled in a week

- Glass houses - the humble conservatory could help save us from the worst effects of climate change 'green' homes will be built so that they are south facing with an attached solar powered conservatory, providing up to 50% of a household's hot water needs

- Green roofs - roofs will be made of peat, bricks and sedum instead of conventional materials. Roof gardens and living roofs will be subsidised, as they will help to improve insulation and air quality

- Carbon trading - households will trade carbon credits and debits, working collectively to reduce our emissions (in the same way as businesses do now)

Who says so?
"Rather than having to rely on harsher measures to urge consumers to take the issue seriously, we are encouraging people to act now and start saving at least 20% of their carbon dioxide emissions. This target is easily achievable by adopting a mix of simple measures such as improving insulation, turning appliances off standby, installing energy saving lightbulbs and turning the thermostat down by just one degree."

Simple changes to your home and the way you use energy can make big savings, both for your pocket and the environment. For example, adopting a range of straightforward measures including filling cavity walls, sufficiently insulating lofts and upgrading to energy saving recommended appliances could reduce your household's emissions by two tonnes of CO2 annually and reduce your energy bills by up to £250.


I know what gets my vote and committment. What are we all waiting for? Armageddon? Thoughts?



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At 11:21 AM, Blogger Tracy said...

It's all about letting the masses know, it seems that somehow the message isn't getting across fast enough. Prime-time TV ads about Saving Energy Week? Bill boards? Is the govenment spending enough money telling us about how much money we could all save if we were 'greener'? Perhaps the message is still too subtle.


At 8:32 PM, Anonymous mattie said...

Oh, the message is definitely way too subtle. That's why I've been cheering on the rising fuel prices here in the U.S.

I feel like anything that happens to shake folks out of their stupor and convinces people to start lightening their ecological footprint is a good thing.

At 9:12 PM, Blogger City Hippy said...

Hey THM and Mattie

Info is the key THM...the government is doing just enough to claim some semblance of green credit with non-greens but not enough to honestly make a difference in my opinion.

Mattie: Subtle for sure! I agree...better scare mongering than least we still have time to change our ways now...or perhaps other think we are just plain wrong and will find out the hard way. Just like the grasshopper and the ants right?

Winter is it or not!

Namaste to you both.


At 9:49 AM, Blogger hockeyshooter said...

If the Government are encouraging people to save electricity, they are certainly going about it in a very quiet, half-arsed way. Where are the TV adverts? Why is VAT still charged on energy-saving lightbulbs, insulation, energy-efficient boilers, solar panels, etc.? Even a tax on plastic bags would help. Sorry, Blair, but I don't see much encouragement from your lot.


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