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Friday, March 24, 2006

NEWS: Ethical Nuts

I've always loved nuts – some people might say it's because I am a little nutty myself! However I recently received my Sight Savers newsletter and I can't deny I'm shocked. I had no idea what goes on behind the scenes before my little bags of nuts get to me and it has changed my whole approach to buying these tasty little snack items!

The article that sparked all this relates to one of the Sight Savers projects in India where there are many Cashew (my personal favourites) factories are based. The workforce sit for many hours a day 'peeling' the nuts! Peeling the nuts???

This badly affects the workforce who typically make less than a dollar a day for tasks including sorting, peeling and burning the nuts. Now I do not wish to stop the world buying these nuts as over half the population in one area alone are employed in Cashew nut factories. What I will do in future is influence the production process by only buying fair trade cashews from shops or via online stores like Traidcraft which will at least guarantee some standard of care to those in the supply chain.

My personal lesson is to be much more aware of my purchases in the future!

Green hugs


p.s. I happen to be a reseller for ONE Group who sell organic cosmetics so if you need any organic cosmetics feel free to check them out.

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