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Thursday, August 24, 2006

FEATURE: Make Noise!

Have you ever considered how far your joke e-mails travel? If you’re sad like me you might look at all the addresses they’ve been forwarded to before they reach you. If you do you may well see that the e-mail had already gone around the world at least twice!

This is where my initial idea for Make Noise came about. After receiving the “How well do you know your friends” questionnaire (you know, the one where you answer questions on your favourite smell, vanilla or chocolate, first album ever bought and so on) for the 100th time I started to wonder how far could we go with a positive message by e-mail? People seem quite happy to pass on rubbish jokes and silly pictures but would they spread the word about the positive work that people are doing?

The point of Make Noise is twofold; to inform the world about green and ethical business and organisations (hopefully inspiring them to use the services of these organisations and think about green and ethical issues) and to help raise the profile of these businesses at no extra charge.

The first thing I needed to do was build a community by asking people to sign-up to Make Noise. Once signed up they would receive information via e-mail about green and ethical businesses and organisations. Most importantly they would be asked to pass on these e-mails to friends, family, colleagues, anyone who they thought would be interested, therefore spreading the word about positive work (hopefully around the world ) – Indeed we do have international members!

To maintain Make Noise as a high quality service, I needed to establish some criteria for the businesses and organisations I would share with the community. I didn’t want to send them things that they wouldn’t be interested in and I wanted to build on that community feel by having some reciprocal support between Make Hay and the businesses we are highlighting. Therefore we only share details of organisations which are either Make Hay clients or members of Make Noise themselves (which means that they will comply with our ethical policy).

Make Noise is still a growing community and from it I (and hopefully its members) have learnt a lot about the positive work that committed and driven people all over the world are doing. If a Make Noise e-mail drops into your mailbox from a friend then why not pass it on? Even better, go to Make Noise now, find out more about us and join, after all it costs nothing but a couple of minutes of your time. Let’s make sure that green and ethical businesses and organisations are known about and become the mainstream rather than the alternative. Support positive action – Make Noise!

Make Hay - Web Design Making a Positive Difference

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