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Thursday, August 10, 2006

FEATURE: More Than Gifts

In my role as editor for Nottingham one of my biggest aims is to find out and show that our city is full of businesses, organisations and individuals who care about the environment and other people. I’m very happy to introduce my first Nottingham fair trade business ‘More Than Gifts’ which is run by friend of Make Hay, Christine Boott.

Christine started up More Than Gifts online shop because she wanted to support fair trade artisans and small village communities all over the world. In fact the name says it all – More Than Gifts – means that when you purchase one of the beautiful items from this shop you are not just buying a gift for yourself or a friend but also for the producers in the various developing countries that the shop supports; Independence and a means of tackling the long term difficulties they face. The gorgeous Russian nesting dolls which are purchased directly from a family unit in a small village just outside of Moscow are one of More Than Gifts biggest sellers.

Here you can find jewellery from Peru, bowls from India, stationery from the Philippines and art from Africa which makes this the perfect site for prezzies in this wedding season. More Than Gifts also has a ‘special offers’ page where you can find a range of great value items from bags to coasters.

It doesn’t stop here though. Oh no! More Than Gifts are also involved in the
World Vision Child Sponsorship Scheme as well as encouraging their suppliers to use recycled and sustainable materials whenever possible so that their products have a reduced effect on the environment.

Here’s More Than Gift’s creator Christine to tell you a little bit about why she thinks fair trade is important and what motivated her to set up her business. Over to you Christine:

"I have always tried to support and promote fairness and equality through my own behaviours and lifestyle. I was then given the opportunity to do something even more positive when I was made redundant and needed to rethink my working life.

I decided to invest the money into this venture and focus on 2 main aims - to offer customers quality and inspiring gift ideas that may not be easily available on the High Street. To source these products from skilled Fair Trade producers and small village communities. This way everyone can benefit - the customer purchases unusual handcrafted gifts and the producers receive a fair price and working conditions for their skills and time.

This business may have started on a small scale but I believe that in some way it is helping to promote Fair Trade and the needs of people and the environment worldwide."

Thank you Christine and good luck with everything!

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