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Sunday, March 20, 2005

NEWS: Green transport

As promised we got in touch with Intelligent Energy to probe a bit more about their new ENV motorbike that runs on a Hydrogen Fuel Cell and their plans for a car version.

Their prompt reply, from the CEO no less, a ­Dr Harry Bradbury, was very encouraging about the car potential: Watch this space. Of course they would be nuts to not go for it. The cost may be prohibitive at the beginning but then they always are high at first in pioneering areas but the prices always come down over time.

The ENV bike only costs £3000 apparently and with a zero petrol cost, a probable overall lower maintenance cost plus a probable longer lifespan that must equal good value for a conscientious traveler.

The most interesting thing about the Hydrogen Fuel Cells is how flexible they are. Check out what Intelligent Energy are saying in a press release:

In the none-too-distant future people will be able to use a bike like ENV to leave work in an urban environment, drive to the countryside, detach the CORE and attach it to another vehicle, such as a motorboat, before going on to power a log cabin with the very same fuel cell, which could then be re-charged from a mini hydrogen creator, the size of a shoebox.

WOW! Your own private power station...and the output of that power station other than energy? Water...pure enough to drink. As drunk by NASA astronauts on the Apollo missions. DOUBLE WOW!

And all the Guardian could focus on was how quiet the bike was. Shame on you Guardian. Kind of like covering the Iraq war with a headline like 'It's war and it's bloody hot!'. Sounds like a Bridget Jones headline if you ask me. If you agree that they fluffed that one then click here to email them and tell them what muppets that made them look. City Hippy already has.

City Hippy has also done some more digging on this topic and discovered something else equally, if not more, amazing in the Green Transport sector. It is called the Air Car. Check it out. We will investigate further and come back to you but basically it is a car that runs on Air & Fuel with a driving range of 2000km and at best no pollution. Admitted it does look a tad 'futuristic and flimsy'. Would not stop me though. It seats 6 (!!!) and price-wise looks like costing about 7000 Euros (not including tax). Under £4000!!! That can't be right? Can it? We will email them to confirm cost and production dates. Wow!


At 10:42 AM, Blogger Peter said...

See the saliva dripping from the corner of my mouths? More info please. When?

At 11:33 AM, Blogger City Hippy said...

Hi Enviroman...

Thanks for your comment...I too cannot wait for this air car to be available.

Have emailed them already...will post when I hear back from them...hopefully very soon...


City Hippy

At 1:55 AM, Blogger Tim said...

Hi Al,

I like your site. I will post a like to it. Tell me more about your writing collective. I write on whim, but I'd definitely be interested in seeing what you're up to.



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