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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

NEWS: Coca-Cola Crapola

Coca-Cola seem to be misbehaving in India. Shameful behaviour if true involving apparent pollution of groundwater AND the passing of dangerous 'fertiliser' onto villagers.

I was just gonna bookmark this article but it deserves a bit more.

A while ago, as some of you will remember, I tried to overcome my addiction to Diet Coke. I found a substitute in the form of Whole Earth Organic Ginger Drink (no added sugar either). Note: the page does not load fully in Firefox but works in IE.

I must admit that I have lapsed occasionally due to my other addiction to Jack Daniels and Coke.

As a result of reading the article I have vowed to renew and even double my efforts to stop myself financially supporting a company I believe to be brazenly breaching many of the ethical and sustainable standards I set as targets for myself.

We should encourage Coca-Cola to behave more ethically towards people and planet.

KarmaBanque have a great site and a superb Coca-Cola boycott in motion to achieve just that. For more info please visit the Coca-Cola page at by clicking here.

We have a house-warming bbq on Sunday and so I will be drinking JD & Ginger! Bet it tastes sweeter!



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At 9:31 PM, Blogger Rhys Wynne said...

I've never been a great fan of fizzy drinks sio giving Killer Cola up hasn't bben a problem. It's trickier not buying other drinks by Coca Cola unckowingly like Sprike and others. It's even harder with Nestle as they have so many different products, but on the other hand there are still a good deal of non-Nestl;e sweets ect still available (for now!). I'd been doing quite well until last weeek when I bought my girlfriend a Wonka Choclate bar. As it's tied in to the film Charlie and the Chocolate factory, there's no obvious red Nestle logo on it, but after studying the packet in detail when I got home the naem Nestle is in very small print and in grey writting on a brown background. Damm those sneaky babykillers!

At 10:05 PM, Blogger City Hippy said...

Hi Rhys

Thanks for the comment.

Yeah those big corporations can be crafty marketeers for sure. Blogging is wonderful really because it really, for the first time, allows consumers to talk together en masse about corporations.

Our favourite example of mean practice by a corporation being exposed was the McLibel trial here in the UK in the 90's.

One thing we loved about the McLibel trial is that the Judge agreed that:

McDonald's "exploit children" with their advertising, falsely advertise their food as nutritious, risk the health of their long-term regular customers, are "culpably responsible" for cruelty to animals reared for their products, are "strongly antipathetic" to unions and pay their workers low wages.
Source: McSpotlight

Gotta keep keeping them honest!

Dal ati!, Daliwch ati!




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