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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

NEWS: The trouble with TV

Not much worth watching on TV these days. Hardly seem to use ours for much more than movies and when we are catatonic on the couch. Gone are the days of scheduling our lives around TV. Although saying that tonight Star Wars: Attack of the Clones is on at 9pm on ITV so will be racing home to catch that.

However, there are some great shows out there. In the UK my favourites are:

No Waste Like Home A great show about how to green your life, be happier, save money and the planet. Series has sadly ended now although it is currently running on BBC2 on Sign Zone aka graveyard shift at 3am.

The Heaven & EarthShow which is a show about various modes of Spirituality and our connection to each other and to the planet.

Gotta love the BBC!

But the one show I really want to talk to you about is The View from River Cottage.

This offering from the UK's Channel 4 sees Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, a smallholding chef of mammoth repute, take us to a simpler slightly downshifted life where people cook their own food, source produce seasonally and as locally, ethically and organically as possible. Bliss.

Round of applause for Hugh and Channel 4. Have not even managed to catch it yet, just keep missing it but hope to see it soon though. Will report back if and when I do.

Am curious to hear about the shows that make you love your TV. What shows in your country do you think City Hippy would like?



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At 1:46 PM, Blogger Mrs CityHippy said...

Couldn't agree more. There does seem to be a lack of quantity at the moment, but the shows that do catch my eye are quality. Excellent programme last night on BBC2, Beyond Boundaries that follows a group of disabled adventurers on their trek across Nicaragua. Check out next week if you can.

At 2:29 PM, Blogger Mr Walklightly said...

I have been catching Beyond Boundaries on the odd occasion and its a interesting and rare positive insight into what one of the participants referred to as the 'differently abled'.

In a similar light although not on TV I'm looking forward to the release of Murder ball in the UK this week.

Other TV programs like to watch with a green/political slant (at least on occasion) are Morgan Surplock's 30 days on more4

and Grand Designs which on occasion features green housing projects

At 7:06 PM, Blogger Ian said...

I've been living TV free since moving into a new flat two months ago. I can't say I miss it much, if at all. I was always a fan of the River Cottage stuff, it's something I'd love to aim for, but I'm not fussed that I'm missing the series.
My girlfriend and I do sit on the sofa watching films on her laptop. And we've got the radio and I'd probably go a little nuts without broadband, but it can be done.

At 10:49 PM, Blogger City Hippy said...

Hi Mr Walklightly, Mrs CityHippy & Ian

Yeah that Beyond Boundaries looks superb...changing attitudes towards differently abled folks. Again one I would love to watch but just no time. Sigh!

Murderball...hmmm have seen tube poster ads about it. Just looked at the link you! Had no idea that is what it was about. Awesome. Will look for it on DVD when it comes out.

Ah good ole Morgan Spurlock, he of the interesting facial hair.

An interesting idea that 30 days...sort of a lifeswap show as I understand it.

Grand Designs...not seen it...good on them if they feature Green House alternatives though.

Ian...well done mate. To be applauded. We have a baby due in 4 weeks and we are determined to bring them up in a home where the TV is a peripheral object as opposed to a focal point. If I did not have a TV I imagine I would not but one to be honest.

Namaste to you all



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