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Friday, March 24, 2006

NEWS: The CityHippy Week

Ladies & Gentleman, it's Friday night! Welcome to...

The CityHippy Week!

Got some great stuff for you the most exciting of which is that Starbucks UK are definitely singing about Fairtrade much more than ever before now. In the last week have seen more in-store promo than in all my experience up until now. A point-of-sale hanging promo over every checkout AND a huge promo bin by the barista station. Go Starbucks. Sell that Fairtrade.

What else caught my little green eye?

News of British Gas partnering with Ceres to bring to market a fuel cell boiler the size of the palm of one's hand. This little gem produces both heat AND electricity and is literally a £3,000 mini power station to be used in people's homes. After years of inactivity we are seeing stunning speed to market of these alternative energy products. About bloody time too!

London Transport's proposed Low Emission Zone wants Londoner's thoughts and feedback during a public consultation period ending 24 April 2006. all for it. Want to increase air quality. Fine with me.

According to the UN the impact of Humanity on Planet Earth is as bad as an asteroid strike. Why might you ask? Well turns out we are ushering in, through our destructive tendencies, the Sixth Extinction. According to the UN's Global Biodiversity Report we are causing the loss of biodiversity at a rate not seen since the age of the Dinousaurs. As the Register puts it 'we're now in the same destructive league as asteroid strikes, enormous flood basalts and ice ages'. More tea anyone?

This week saw Gordon Brown deliver a 10th consecutive Labour budget and it was heralded as delivering some great green incentives. The highlight was a zero road tax for the cleanest cars and a higher road tax for less clean cars. Overall not bad but not nearly enough. Sigh...

And finally news that British car owners are ready to embrace Hybrids. London's Evening Standard (no link available - their search is down right now) reports that a majority of British drivers would buy a hybrid if their performance improved. CityHippy certainly intends to buy a second hand hybrid if the current CityHippyExpress expires. Green of course ;)

…and that's the way it is folks!



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At 4:59 AM, Anonymous beev said...

Sufficient power for the average home and it fits in the palm of your hand!! Sure that's not a joke???

It would seem British drivers are somewhat under-informed... the Prius is the main hybrid on the scene and it has excellent performance, as I understand.


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