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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

REVIEW: Kingston Green Fair

Jim from London has done a guest review for us of the The Kingston Green Fair. Take it away Jim:
It's the last bank holiday in May here in the UK and it's raining. It has to be that bastion of the South West London green calendar, The Kingston Green Fair.

The Kingston Green Fair has been going for 19 years and takes place in Canbury Gardens in Kingston Upon Thames, a large park bordering the Thames. There is something for everyone here including a Kids Zone with face painting and a cycle-powered music lesson, a healing zone, four sound stages and many stalls and information tents.

Highlights of this year for me where:
  • The Green Home tent which detailed everything from wool home insulation to a competition for the best ideas to get people recycling.
  • A company called Green Endings that do eco-friendly funerals (including a really cool looking motorcycle hearse).
  • The LoveLondon stall who were giving out information on London Sustainability Week which starts this Saturday.
  • And lastly, for the first time this year, a licensed bar selling organic beverages.
However the Kingston Green Fair is not all about green living. There is also some great music including my personal favourite of the day: the 3 Daft Monkeys.

So if you are down South West London way this time next year it is worth popping along to get a bit of the festival spirit. Plus next year it is the 20th anniversary so they are bound to pull out all the stops.

Thanks Jim, gutted not to have been there to be honest. Oh well. Maybe next year.



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At 9:14 AM, Anonymous joeturner said...

We were there.. with a stall.

We wont be going again - we didn't even take enough to pay for the pitch, and nobody else around us (except perhaps the very expensive food outlets) did either.

I'm not sure if it was something to do with our pitch position or maybe something else altogether (the weather was generally on-off all day).

We thought there were generally few greenies present.. interested to hear what other people thought who attended.

At 10:51 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your lack of sales very likely reflected the undesirability of your merchandise. Or maybe the fact that it was overpriced. You don't state what it was or what you were charging.
We disagree with your statement that food was overpriced - consider the logistics and organisation required to produce decent food at such an event.


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