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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

FEATURE: Is Nottingham a Green City?

When Al first asked me to be involved with City Hippy as Nottingham Editor there was no question that I wanted to do it. However, after thinking about it I started wondering “Well what can I write about Nottingham? It's not a particularly green place”. Actually I think I had fallen into the trap of complaining that all of the innovative ideas were either ‘down south’ or ‘up north’ and that the Midlands had been left behind.

This view was based on what? Nothing. Had I started listening to all of those awful reports that Nottingham is just a place for gun crime and binge drinking? I felt instantly guilty and disloyal.

So, being Nottingham Editor is the perfect opportunity to prove that there are people here who care about the environment as well as lots of other ethical issues.

I’m really excited about the journey I’m about to take in finding out exactly what we’re doing here to help the environment and what more there is to be done. I’ve got the feeling I’m going to be very proud.

If anyone in Nottinghamshire or Nottingham wants to educate me about something green they’re doing then I’d love to hear from you.

Thank you City Hippy for this opportunity!

Make Hay - Web design making a positive difference

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At 7:20 AM, Blogger Karin said...

When we were students in Nottingham 20+ years ago the buses fares were heavily subsidised, but I don't think that is so any more.

You have some nice nature reserves in the area. The one past Beeston with the eco-friendly visitor centre and one at Trowell.

I think Out of this World, Beeston, is a great place for environmentally friendly products.

At 9:43 AM, Anonymous Josef said...

You've got the Sumac Centre in Nottingham, home to the hardest working green caterers in the country, Veggies.

Land Roots, an inspirational group intend on pooling their funds to buy some land, are also based in Nottingham (and I'm certain Sharon and the others involved will know all about all the green things happening up there too, so get in touch :) ).

At 6:44 PM, Anonymous Josef said...

Hi Vicky,

I just checked out Make Hay, Make Noise etc. and I really like what you're doing! :)

We should definately meet up next time I visit Nottingham and discuss how we can work together and support eachother.

I think Make Noise has got huge potential, and could tie in very nicely with our plans for the Commons Creation Flyer

One way I think you could improve Make Noise would be to encourage members to Digg, Hugg, Delicious, Furl etc. the links that you send through (you could even include little icons/links in the mailout to make the whole thing virtually effortless).

These social bookmarking/ranking sites are becoming so popular that it could really help to raise your client's profiles.

You could also encourage those members who have their own websites to post a link like this:

Client Keywords

Small actions like these can really help with google search rankings etc.

But then you and Jez probably know that anyway! :)

Until soon,



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