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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

WEEKLY Q: What is an ethical holiday?

Ethical holidays/vacations are a much-discussed topic with plenty of people all round the world offering great solutions for every taste and every budget.

But what is an ethical holiday? What does it mean to you? My ideal ethical holiday?
  • Take my family to an organic crop farm ideally with rescue animals being cared for anywhere in England, Wales or Scotland. No flights for me for at least a year.
  • Stay actually on the farm itself.
  • Contribute 2-4 hours a day of work of varying types in part-exchange (plus cash of course) for the roof over my head and the food made available and then being free to relax and explore.
  • Learn about farming and animal husbandry - get involved!
  • Ideally transport to and from the location would be oil-free or offset.
  • Ideally energy at the farm would be renewable or offset.
  • Ideally all food available at the farm would be local, seasonal and organic.
Anyone know of such a place? What would be your ideal ethical holiday / vacation?



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At 10:55 AM, Blogger Katie@ethicalweddings said...

Why not try Fordhall Farm They might be able to come up with something - and even though they have reached their target to keep the farm safe, they still need to raise a lot more money to get the farm working properly, the education centre running etc.
Drop them an email and see what they say!

At 9:14 PM, Blogger matty said...

What on Earth is animal husbandry? Marrying off animals? Or mating them? Doesn't sound very ethical! he he he

At 9:28 PM, Blogger City Hippy said...

Hi Katie & Matty

Have contacted them Katie and whilst they do accept volunteers according to their site they have no holiday accomodation right now. But Cornish Tipi Holidays looks fun and interesting ;)

Matty...hahahaha...luckily 'animal husbandry is the agricultural practice of breeding and raising livestock' according to wikipedia and nothing to do with dating ;)



At 9:00 PM, Blogger Mike said...

Have you heard of WWOOF - they organise something like what you are talking about - I have never done it even though I have known about it for years - but they say it works like this 'In return for your help on organic farm, gardens and smallholdings you receive meals, accommodation and the opportunity to learn. Wwoof volunteers do not pay to stay with hosts and Wwoof hosts do not pay volunteers for their help.'
Their website is at - there is access to a whole range of organic farms via their organisation. Let us know how you get on!


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