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Sunday, July 30, 2006

FEATURE: Twin Bins in Daybrook

Ok, so you might think it a little sad to get excited about a wheelie bin and maybe I need to get out more but getting twin bins in Daybrook (where I live in Nottingham) was quite an event for me.

I’m not sure what its called in other parts of the country but the twin bin scheme in Nottingham means that you get a wheelie bin for general household waste, one for plastic, paper and cans and a box for glass. I don’t know why its not called ‘triplet bins’ but hey.

I had been enviously listening to friends and colleagues complain about how they had so many bins they couldn’t fit them on their drive or had to remember which day to put them out when I decided to ring the council and find out when we would get this pleasure. Helpfully they told me it would be about May / June time and sure enough, true to their word the bins arrived May / June-ish.

The system before the twin bins was a bit silly in my opinion. We used to have to put our paper, cans and glass out in plastic bags (plastic bags!?) and then take our plastic to the recycling centre. This means we had to make a car journey just for this.

I know that there are some households in Nottingham and Nottinghamshire which are lucky enough to have a garden waste wheelie bin so obviously that’s what I’m aspiring to next. However I also know that there are some parts of the city which have no collection scheme and no local recycling centres which makes it very difficult for people with no transport to recycle their household waste even though they really want to.

So, if you don’t have your twin (or triplet, or quadruple) bins why don’t you give your local council a call to find out when they’ll be sending them to you?

If you have a car, be a good neighbour and offer to take next door’s recycling for them and maybe set up a scheme where the drivers on the street can take turns to be the recycling collector. Doing it all in one go is better for the environment than 5 cars all making separate journeys.

If you’re not sure who to call in Nottingham and Notts about your twin bin or any environmental issues here are your local contacts:

Ashfield District Council Tel: 0800 9520196

Bassetlaw District Council Tel: 01909 533533

Broxtowe Borough Council Tel: 0115 917 7777

Gedling Borough Council Tel: 0115 901 3839

Mansfield District Council Tel: 01623 463 295

Newark and Sherwood District Council Tel: 01636 655 577

Nottingham City Council Tel: 0115 915 2000
Recycling Hotline: 0115 915 2126

Rushcliffe Borough Council Tel: 0115 981 9911

Go on, the twin bin could change your life!

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At 1:36 PM, Anonymous Jane said...

Our recycling scheme in Dartford is pretty good (paper, cardboard, plastic bottles, foil etc all goes in a box.. or two in our case as I am determined to send as little as possible to landfill so am known to dismantle packaging into it's component parts!) but they don't recycle glass from the doorstep - you have to take it to one of the collection points. Yes, there are a few of these around, but I've an easier solution - my mother in law takes it to add to her glass for recycling from her house! MUCH easier and no extra energy is used as she's here every week anyway.

It's probably taking the "share" route a bit further than her local council would like, but why not?


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