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Monday, July 31, 2006

NEWS: Ecover on Group 4

Based on our recent Question asking whether Ecover are 'evil' because of their connection with Group 4 I just received an email from Ecover with an attached statement from the MD. It reads:
As you may learn from our website Ecover tries to be a pioneer in becoming a sustainable business where not only ecological but also social principles are high on our value list. Our methods of manufacturing, the development of products and the screening of our suppliers are straightforward examples of what a company can do.

It is true that in the past Group 4 has been involved as a 50% shareholder in the Ecover organisation. This situation goes back to 1992 when Ecover was in search of new capital and was rescued by J. Philip-Sørensen, and Group 4 Securitas. This was the case until the end of 1999 when Mr. J. Philip-Sørensen personally took over all Ecover shares. At no point in the period that Group 4 has been financially involved with Ecover as a shareholder has there been any steering from Group 4 over Ecover management principles or methods. Ecover has always been an independent company within the group. Earlier this year, Mr. Philip-Sørensen retired as Chairman of Group 4 Securicor.

Mr. Philip-Sørensen has a strong belief in Ecover’s mission to become a sustainable operation with a strong focus on the environmental quality of its products and operations.
Hmmm...thoughts? Are we being harsh? Are they (Group4) an unethical company buying their way into greenwashing or is Ecover a net and honest contributor to the greening of our planet? Personally I think Mr. Philip-Sørensen's ceased involvement with an unethical business shows , hopefully, that he is genuinely committed to ethical and sustainable principles. However I will committ to pursuing alternatives mostly due to the animal testing angle that appears to be emerging.

What do you think?



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At 11:22 AM, Anonymous Jane said...

It's the animal testing angle that is more of an issue for me. The end of Sorenson's involvement in Group 4 is a positive - it would be interesting to see his views on Ecover and the environment though.

Having said that, Ecover have done some excellent work in promoting greener cleaning and making it easily accesible. I think that if it wasn't for them a lot of these smaller companies wouldn't be around.

Having said that, for limescale removal, nothing beats good old vinegar (but has anyone any ideas re overcoming the smell?)


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