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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

WEEKLY Q: Blair goes Nuclear

In honour of Tony Blair's grand vision of the UK energy future I have some questions and have emailed them to my MP (a Tory and so not in government) to put to the Blair government. I am sure I will get the usual unintelligible drivel in reply from the Government but will let you know what they cough up in my direction:
  1. Can the government confirm that Wind Farms will be given the same push-through planning powers as Nuclear power stations?
  2. Can the government outline their plan to compel companies to deal with waste (check out the sign on the wall in the pic above hahahaha) at no extra expense to the UK and using methods of disposal that are deemed legal in the eyes of UK law regardless of where it is desposited around the globe?
  3. Can the government assure UK citizens that the plants will be 100% secure from acts of terror?
  4. Can the government predict when the 200,000 sheep on 1986 Chernobyl-irradiated UK land will be allowed to move freely throughout the land?
  5. Can the government confirm that the Nuclear power companies cannot limit supply except for safety reasons?
Personally I believe that no new Nuclear would have forced us to grow up frankly and accept that our subsidised energy lifestyle based on the insanity of infinite resources must end.

We would have tightened our energy belts and got more efficient etc and to me that is way more preferable to more nuclear material and waste floating about.

Sadly Blair clearly did not think us capable of change. I feel the same about him.

Without new Nuclear we would have been compelled to act responsibly to collectively create less energy use and waste i.e. turn appliances off, conserve heat, use natural light etc.

Perhaps the government could have shifted daylight savings so it is lighter for longer in the Winter at 7am and 6pm when we need it instead of at 4am and 10pm in the summer when we do not.

Perhaps the government could have dropped VAT for any energy efficient products i.e. CFL bulbs etc to encourage mass conversion to more efficient mechanisms?

Oh for a government that believes more in its people that it does lobbyists.




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