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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

NEWS: London Paper Goes Green-ish

New freesheet The London Paper launched this week and I was delighted to discover a daily GreenLondon section.

The paper is a NewsInternational paper, hence the tabloid look and the mandatory use of the word 'Pervs' on the front cover he he he.

Currently it seems that their site is still under development as the Green London section does not appear to be working yet.

But today, to give you a sample, with links of my own for more information where I could find them, the GreenLondon section included two headline articles on 'how pollution is affecting Polar Bears fertility' and that 'a majority of adults would eat junk to ensure their kids get organic produce' which I think is from the Soil Association to mark Organic Fortnight. Incidentally just found this great debate about organic versus conventional farming from Waitrose.

And in their smaller 'Green-ish' sub-section I learned that 'Britain used to be a tough place to live in Prehistoric Times', read coverage of 'Al Gore's speech in Finland' and finally discovered the news that 'almost 30 projects to educate people about Climate Change have been approved by the Government' as part of a wider campaign.

Delighted to see a paper devote a whole page every day (from what I can tell) to green issues, ish ;)



UPDATE: I now also recall that the other London Freepaper, Metro, given away in the morning has a weekly (or occasional) green page. I will watch out for the next one and give it the same sort of mention to be fair.

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At 10:12 PM, Anonymous Philder said...

Surely if we're talking green, the best approach would be not printing the thing to start with? Most of them are going to end up left on trains/station floors or chucked in the bin at the office if Metro is anything to go by. Given the energy used to print and deliver them, I hardly think a few "green pages" is something to shout about to be honest.

Maybe I'm just in a bad mood...

At 10:18 PM, Blogger City Hippy said...

Hi Philder

I hear ya. You are of course right. But as long as they do print a crappy free paper for people to look at whilst shuffling to work, there may as well be a green page in it raising awareness and keeping the agenda in the forefront of people's minds.





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