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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

NEWS: UK Election ahead!

And so a UK election looms, finally and officially, on May 5th.

In the run-up to the election we will be evaluating each of the three main parties (plus the greens) committments to the Environment and Social Justice.

We will remain objective and realistic. What we want is action and we will end up on the side of those we feel are most likely to deliver the required changes.

We will evaluate how they each address key issues surrounding Social Justice and the Environment.

We are not looking for policy statements or stats or jargon. We want real solutions for real people. We want simple answers and demonstrable solutions that can be easily understood and implemented.

We also want to know what you think about all these issues and how the parties respond to our questions. Be sure to email us at: Image hosted by or comment as we post their replies.

We also encourage you to print these questions out and ask politicians when they canvass you for their opinion on these issues.

The eight questions we will ask all of them are as follows:

1) Energy Efficiency
How will you make it easier for people and companies to be more energy efficient?

2) Transport
How will you make private, public and commercial transport environmentally friendly?

3) Renewable Energy
How will you increase the use of clean, safe and renewable energy?

4) Environmental Protection
How will you protect our Environment from people and companies?

5) Corporations
How will you address the imbalance of power created by corporate lobbying?

6) Poverty
How will you get more people, in the UK and globally, away from poverty?

7) Trade
How will you ensure that an honest days work gets an honest and fair wage?

8) Citizenship
How will you get more people involved in solving societies problems?

We will then evaluate how likely they are to deliver based on their answers overall, their grasp of the issues and their credibility.

Finally City Hippy will come off the fence and tell you who we think is the best bet to make the UK, and the World in general, a greener and fairer place.

The rest will be upto you!

So check back soon...


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