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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

SPECIAL: Katrina

Plenty of people have started debating whether or not Hurricane Katrina is a natural part of the Hurricane cycle or further evidence of climate change and global warming thereby politicizing the disaster and implicating President Bush.

Some people have taken to condemning the connections being made, they feel mostly by the left, between the actions of President Bush and the devastation of the New Orleans area by Hurricane Katrina.

Others have started the process of trying to lay blame.

All of these are valuable issues to discuss...just not right now!

Right now New Orleans and its surrounding areas seems almost devastated.

Right now countless people have lost their lives, loved ones or homes.

Right now they are facing the biggest set of challenges any human ever faces.

Right now what those people need most is help and relief.

Right now all our energy should be devoted to helping those in need.

The time for politics, blame and lessons to be learned will come.

Just not right now!

Click here to donate to the Red Cross relief effort.

Good luck to you if you are affected!



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At 1:33 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The pictures of the effects of Katrina are just like the Tsunami all over again!

I feel so sorry for those involved, especially the young, old and ill.

Once its all sorted, I hope Mr Bush takes this as a BIG wake up call to look at global warming & renewable energy resources, and the fact that we can't keep upsetting mother nature cos she's getting p'd off.

But its nasty that its taken something like this to (hopefully) wake him up!

Peace & love,



ps yet again this year I am reminded how luck I really am!


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