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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

TV ALERT: It ain’t easy being green

Amen to that! Although it is getting easier.

The awareness of green choice and the interest in making changes to our daily lives is without doubt on the increase and is now more frequently making it’s way into our TV viewing.

Today is no exception. On BBC2 at 8pm there is a show called: It's not easy being green. In the words of the BBC:
The Strawbridges have decided to go green, moving to Cornwall and living an entirely sustainable and eco-friendly existence. But will life with a compost toilet be as glamorous as it sounds?
The star of the show, Dick Strawbridge is quoted in the Independent saying:
I don't want to wear a hemp shirt and hairy knickers, I want a 21st-century lifestyle with a coffee machine.
Sounds like a guy we can identify with. And you have to check out his moustache. Awesome!

It looks like a really interesting show and if you don’t get to watch it you may see a review on CityHippy.

Green hugs


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At 9:06 PM, Anonymous Maureen said...

I watched it. It was very good. I'm looking forward to watching the whole series.

At 3:02 AM, Blogger freeman said...

Please let your readers know if you ever come across a way for folks across the Atlantic to view the show. It looks like a series I'd like to watch as well.

By the way, y'all have a great blog going on here! I may not always agree with the politics, but I appreciate the commitment to green values, organics, etc., along with all the information you've dug up and shared with your readers.

At 10:56 PM, Blogger City Hippy said...

Hey folks

thanks for the comments...

Am waiting for it to appear on google video or youtube to be honest

Thanks for the nod freeman...for us being green is not about politics any more...too late for that...we gotta get on sort the mess out before it really is too late.




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