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Monday, May 15, 2006

FEATURE: Smug Slug

In my pursuit of a truly green garden, I'm trying out various ways of deterring the little critters that nibble away at my precious plants.

So, I force-fed everyone omelettes for a few days, crushed the shells and put them round my plants. After a heavy spell of rain, I went to check progress. Whilst the rain hadn’t washed away the shells, it had bought the slugs & snails out for their dinner. And I found one very cheeky slug actually eating the eggshells! No-one said that would happen, and it’s clearly not working as a deterrent. Given the scene of destruction, including the disappearance of a whole chilli plant, its time to move on.

So what next? Back to my list…still against coffee grounds as that can be quite toxic, plus given the omelette overdose I don’t think I’ll be able to generate enough grounds without some serious public health issues. So, plastic bottles are the next chosen deterrent. Tonight is the night! I’m going to plant out my newly hatched sunflowers, and protect each one with a plastic bottle (who needs television?!). Some will get a 2 inch deep circle of bottle, and some will get the top half, screw top included to see which is most successful.

I’ve also got another tip to add to the list, thanks to Adam who visited this site. Sawdust apparently works well as a deterrent and is non-toxic in reasonable quantities. Plus having a boyf who’s a chippie means I will be able to get a free and plentiful supply. I’ll see how the bottles get on first, and then give the sawdust a go.

Bye for now


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At 8:04 AM, Anonymous matpol said...

I saw a book in a National Trust shop and it mentioned using cat food as bait and then collecting up the slugs after they had eaten and moving them somewhere else.

I have also read that Geoff Hamilton used to leave bits of wood around so that they would gather underneath them and make for easier removal.


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