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Thursday, September 07, 2006

FEATURE: Polar Bear Cannibalism

I defy anyone to say that global warming is hooey - it is not and the following evidence sickens me that mankind and man-made pollution has so adversely affected one of this planets fine species.

The polar bar is having to go longer without ice and the ability to reach it's natural food source and has been turning on it's own kind to sustain itself. This nasty twist is occurring more frequently than scientists had feared with instances of mothers with young cubs being targeted as they are smaller than the males and easier targets.

This nasty trend has added weight to the belief that the polar bear will be extinct before the end of the century. This is absolutely woeful and all I can do is urge you to make the changes that you can in your world and to encourage those around you to do the same - to minimise and slow down this horrid inevitability.

I cannot think of a bright side to this post - just that I wish my green hugs could reach those big white bears - in some way. [Although you would not really want to hug a hungry polar bear methinks he he he - Ed]

Green hugs


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