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Saturday, September 03, 2005

GREEN GIRLS : Paintstripping

For many years I’ve been a sinner in my husband’s eyes and worn too much make up, used nail varnish and remover in abundance, obliterated the air with toxic perfume and all the usual chemical laden beauty products you can think of.

I am now a reformed person and although my husband is delighted, he is not as delighted as I am. I feel fresher, cleaner and healthier. Be it psychological or otherwise, I no longer spend half an hour in the morning clogging my pores up for the day with foundation and powder. I no longer waste precious time getting frustrated because my nail varnish has smudged or the colour isn’t right. And I no longer have sneezing or choking fits as a result of too much perfume or hairspray. I feel free!!!

My latest venture into the non-chemical world of beauty products is Nurtured Nails by ECO Solutions ( Now, while I no longer wear nail varnish on my fingernails, I do occasionally like to pretty up my toes. Lately they’ve been Va Va Vroom, a kind of russet and pink colour (a naughty chemical varnish). My husband handed me some samples of ECO Solutions nail polish remover a couple of days ago and I promised him I would try them out and review them for CityHippy.

Three words! Down with acetone! I’m happy to report that Nurtured Nails contains not a single drop so the smell immediately is less potent and the results were incredible. It took me about five minutes to wipe off every trace of nail polish, no staining either, and my toenails did not feel tight and tingly as they do when I use acetone.

The product description on the website says “Eco Solutions nurtured nails nail varnish remover wipes is a new patented non-hazardous, non-flammable product, which is totally free of hazardous solvents (such as Acetone) and complies with the criteria of the European Pharmacopoeia (3rd Ed.) Supplement 2000 for topical products.”

I can quite honestly say I will not be looking back now that I’ve used this non-toxic alternative – who wants the same ingredient used in insecticide spray and carburetor cleaner to be rubbed into their tootsies?

Not me!

Next step: eco-friendly nail varnish – watch this space.

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