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Friday, September 02, 2005

REVIEW: No Waste Like Home

Well we watched the third episode of Penny Poyzer's new BBC show 'NO WASTE LIKE HOME' last night and to be honest we cannot contain ourselves any longer.

If you have seen the show then tell us what you think? If you have not seen it then watch it...Thursdays, BBC Two at 8.30pm. Or check out the website for tons of info.

NO WASTE LIKE HOME is informative and witty and makes it easy to practically see how living a more sustainable existence makes sense on many levels. A philosophy for people and planet on a plate. The show presents the problems AND the solutions.

If City Hippy had a TV Channel then NO WASTE LIKE HOME would be prime-time. I bet they even make the show as sustainably as possible.

The show has so far covered how to:

- reduce household waste
- rely on cars less
- increase energy efficiency in the home
- avoid packaging and eat healthier for less money
- nappies and diapers

and that is just after three episodes. We particularly loved the way she showed people round a sewage processing plant to explain why putting food and oil down the toilet costs so much and wastes so much of our precious resources. Penny even found a Nappy/Diaper processing plant in Holland that can fully recycle disposable nappies!!!

New converts will not necessarily do everything Penny recommends at once. But as peakoil said on his blog with a nod to City Hippy:

the little stuff we do matters

They may do all, half, or just a few. Some actions large and some small. But they will be a start. A definite improvement and a tiny turn in the right direction. As the Ancient Chinese proverb says:

Better to light one small candle than to curse the darkness

Society needs to change in every direction and the quicker the better. Those converts will act better themselves AND help spread the gospel of green throughout the lands!

Penny can seem a little bit tough at times, harsh even. Sometimes you feel for the families. You identify with them because you do some of the 'naughty' things they do. But that is good because if they can do it then you can do it. Very clever Penny!

And like all good medicine whilst the initial shock might leave a bad taste in the mouth, in the end they always felt better for it. And if saving the planet was not enough the families also saved the equivalent of thousands of pounds each year as a result of penny's tips.

Plus we loved this show because one family looks to have used Bambino Mio nappies/diapers for their babies and that is what we are intending on using.

From what we can tell the families seem to have taken much on board. We will try and track down the families, via the BBC of course, to interview them. We want to find out how much the whole experience has changed them.

Watch this space.



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At 9:27 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I so, so, so wish this was being shown on BBC America!!! I want to see it so bad. I've already written to BBC America and asked them to show it here. I hope they do or that I can eventually get episodes on DVD.

At 12:51 PM, Blogger City Hippy said...

Hi Kate

Let us know if you hear back from BBCAmerica.

For those of you in the US you can email them to let them know you want the show...the more of you that do it the more likely you are to see the show soon.

Visit to get in touch with them.



At 1:40 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This show is certainly inspiring. Its all about making permanent lifestyle changes really and not just trying things out to see if you can save money. Obviously if it doesn't work for you then so be it, at least we can all try to make a difference to the planet by recycling, reducing and reusing.


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