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Monday, September 12, 2005

REVIEW: Cold Feet

I love walking around the house and front and rear gardens barefeet...I know, I know, it's dangerous with all the broken glass (what broken glass?) and so on and yet I do not have a problem. Cannot remember the last time I cut my feet. Uh oh...fate tempted! Gulp!

But you know there is one exception to walking around barefeet that makes me smile. And that is when I get to wear the loveliest slippers in the whole wide world.

You see I hate buying mainstream slippers...they feel harsh and chemically and my sweet feet just don't want comfort exchanged for oppression and envirogeddon. The only thing said toes will allow me to slip onto them is a pair of Ethical Wares hemp slippers (Natural not rainbow). Fairly-traded, 100% chemical-free, wild Nepali hemp. Marvellous!

The only problem is that I will once in a while wander outdoors with them on for which they are not made and so they generally only last a year. And so every birthday, my wife, Mrs Hippy to you, buys me a new pair. I love all my gifts but those slippers are just special to me.

Well this year my birthday came and went and Mrs H bought me lots of great stuff...I sat on the bed that morning opening my gifts but no slippers emerged. I blinked. Perhaps I had missed a present? Perhaps it was delayed. My feet trembled. I had a brief waking nightmare of my toes locked out in the garden in a storm shivering and huddling together round a fire for warmth. I asked after the expected new pair, which I know is impolite but receiving a new pair was starting to be a routine, and Mrs H said she had not gotten me a pair this year. As if they meant nothing. How could she? The betrayal. Won't SOMEBODY think of my feet? Oh! The humanity!

And the rescue came my cousin-in-law. Terence. Turns out my wife had colluded with Terence who had bought me my new pair! I got them today. Hurrah! My feet would not have to suffer the cold ravages of winter for another year. Terence is now a god to my feet! They have started a new religion in Terence's honour. If my feet could have bowed down and worshipped an idol in the image of Terence they would have. My toes relaxed in the knowledge that they would once again warm themselves within the comfortable confines of my hemp slipper heaven.

Thank you Ethical Wares for giving me the only slipper good enough for my feet! Thank you Terence for feet heaven!



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At 9:48 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well it was my dog that distroyed your last pair it was the least i could do........!!!


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