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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

YEAH RIGHT: Ecomagination

John from Oakland brings us our second YEAH RIGHT. We followed his tip and what we found was hilarious and definitely deserves a big fat juicy YEAH RIGHT.

GE's Ecomagination is interesting. We have another article planned on this GE initiative but for now one of their ads has caught John's eye.

John tells us that the 'Model Miners' ad 'pretty much left me speechless' and to be honest having watched it we agree.

What on earth are GE trying to say? Coal can be a cleaner energy and can help solve our energy problems AND climate change issues at the same time? Uhm...

GE's Ecomagination is an 'initiative to aggressively bring to market new technologies that will help customers address pressing environmental challenges.' Source. Awesome.

Final words of the ad: Harnessing the power of coal is looking more beautiful every day. Camera focuses on attractive female models...just the type you would be likely to find down a coal mine.

OK...ready? 1-2-3 YEAH RIGHT!

Greenwash all over. Yes we have an energy problem on our hands. GE accepts that and we applaud them. Yes we need to look at alternatives. GE accepts that and again we applaud them.

So GE concludes that we should make coal a cleaner energy source. attention GE...we are getting tired of saying this. We said alternatives. Coal is not an alternative. Fossil fuels are the problem. Not the solution. They are why we are in the mess we are in. We need you to find non-fossil fuel alternatives. And we don't mean Nuclear. Stop wasting time and resources trying to make fossil fuels cleaner. We need to use safe renewable energy sources. We know what they are. No imagination required for that. Wind. Sun. Water. All endless. All ubiquitous. Now go use your ecomagination to find ways of harnessing them.

By the way John also pointed us to the excellent job that 'Slate' does of tearing this ad apart. A must read.

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