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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

NEWS: Starbucks Challenge 3.5 awards

After reading the 40 Starbucks Challenges taken this week, City Hippy and green LA girl have picked 2 winners!

Winner #1: Justin
took 5 challenges, all over the Seattle area, since Challenge 3.0 -- despite the fact that he doesn't like the taste of Cafe Estima!
Award: An enviro-friendly, reusable, and chic workplace
dish set
(right, a $39 value!)

Some honorable mentions: Matty from Rockville put the challenge before his date -- what a guy! And fromscatteredtribe
of Arizona had a textbook failure with almost every possible error made and still managed to not murder anyone.

But the winner #2 is... Ardent Eden's It's Not Just for Coffee post, which was informative and generated some great comments too.
Award: Fair trade yummies from Clipper-Teas!

Details about Starbucks' response to this round of the challenge to come soon, pending a call back from Cindy of Starbucks.

We will report back in mid-March, when - according to the LA Starbucks managers we met with last month - all LA-area stores - and hopefully stores all over North America, should, at the very least, have French presses and serve fair trade coffee to those who ask firmly.

Stay tuned -- And if you find yourself at a Starbucks between now and then, always ask for fair trade coffee :)

Have a fair trade day :)

City Hippy
and green LA girl

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At 9:48 AM, Anonymous Sean said...

I was given a starbucks gift card for 20.00 so I decided I would darken the doorway of the coffee behemoth. It was about 9:00 in the morn and there weren’t that many people in line. I thought I would try and order a cup of fair trade coffee if I had to be at starbucks. I wasn’t even aware of your challenge or the fact that had a policy of serving fair trade in a french press. The young woman behind the counter was very friendly in forced corporate sort of way, but when I ordered the fair trade coffee a blank stare and slight crack in here confident veneer appeared. She said “ I guess we could put it in a french press” I said ok. 10 min. later I was wondering where my cup o coffee was, she it’s on the way. I didn’t mind because at least I was helping to encourage them to serve fair trade coffee. finally a french press arrived and I was shocked. I wanted the coffee to go but neither of us asked. So another 7 minutes went by because they had to look for a travel box to hold all of the french press contents.

So all and all it was a very long and very difficult for the staff. The good side is I had a shit load of coffee for the road.
The starbucks was on prospect and vermont in los angeles


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