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Saturday, February 18, 2006

NEWS: Computers against Climate Change

Climate Change causes many of us immense concern. Staying positive often seems hard. But with the future unwritten yet looking more watery and cold every day what can we do to stem the tide?

Well besides greening your life there is at least one other massive thing you can do right now, for free, using just your mouse.

You can become part of the biggest climate change experiment and join the attempt to find out what the future really is likely to hold.

The BBC has joined forces with, the massive distributed computing project created to harness the planets home computing power. The project is designed to model as many Climate Change scenarios as quickly as possible.

The results? So far the BBC's campaign has seen 61,009 computers join in from 138 countries. WOW! They plan to create a tv programme to discuss the conclusions etc. Awesome!

So if you leave your PC (or MAC for that matter) on a lot then at least give it something to do in the background.

Check out the BBC Climate Change Hot Topic for more info.

I have signed up (have been doing it for ages actually but it switched to this version).



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At 3:12 PM, Anonymous Camden Lady said...

I signed up the other day, and am now nearly up to 1922, so still 158 years to go. Great way to use those spare cycles!


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